Who We Are
Yinola Mobile Apps Ltd (www.yinola.com) is the mobile app development division under the parent brand, Yinola Ltd.
Yinola is a mobile interactive entertainment company offering free Afrocentric games and content enjoyed by users all around the world. Yinola Ltd was founded in 2017 in Lagos with the vision that a small and dedicated team could bring a level of sophistication to the distribution of Afrocentric mobile content to players all over the world; this cannot be found anywhere else at the moment.

Our team of artists, business executives, designers, engineers, lawyers, strategists and writers are creating priceless experiences and building a brand passionate about showcasing African content to the world.
It’s all about sharing. Come on this journey with us and enjoy our content for free.
"African stories are rich and unexplored, let the whole world know"
Yinka Iyinolakan is the founder and serves as our Chief Creative Officer. Yinka has exceptional experience in e-commerce, design, product development and marketing. As Chief Creative Officer, he leads the product strategy and development team for Yinola. Yinka brings exceptional leadership and expertise to the team.
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